Slot game review of Dragon’s Luck Power Reels

You could see the whole just by playing online slot games, what with the reaches of their themes being far and wide.


A popular stop off point is China, as Chinese themed slot games delve into all the mystique and fascinating tales of ancient Chinese history. With the theme being quite popular, it can prove tricky for such games to stand out from the crowd but Dragon’s Luck: Power Reels at Slotzo does exactly that.


This game is original thanks to an action-packed layout that uses 10 reels for the game engine and 30 pay lines as a result. The unique layout is definitely a great attraction and reason to travel into the ancient Chinese realm for this game.


Betting is very flexible, opening at 20p and going all the way to £20 for you to carve out some wins with. There are no bonuses in this game per say, but the nature of the gameplay conjures up some scenarios that are far from your average slot game.

About the developer

Dragon’s Luck: Power Reels was developed by the people at Red Tiger Gaming, a developer that is widely regarded as one of the more advanced brands when it comes to slot game production. Popular with online gamblers and online casinos, Red Tiger Gaming have a knack for producing games with a really strong look and an engaging interface.


Their high quality graphics go a long way in making their extensive collection of slot game titles one of the strongest around, whilst their ability to make titles fully functional across all of mobile, tablet and desktop makes them an accessible developer, too.

About the game

As mentioned already, the Chinese theme is one that is rather played out but Red Tiger Gaming have developed a great addition to the choice of games in this theme here.


Dragon’s Luck: Power Reels has a really interesting layout, leaving the basic, classic layout of a 3 reel slot or the more common 5 reel slot in the past with a stunning 10 reels. They make up 30 pay lines on which a range of Ancient Chinese iconography and relics will emerge.


Look out for Chinese-style royal values as well as a lotus flower, a goldfish and a doll. Also, the 138 acts as highest paying symbol on the reels, creating a rather impressive multiplier should you fill a reel with them.


Landing 10 of the 138 symbols will result in your stake being multiplied by 3888 – one hell of a win.

Bonus Features

As already eluded to, there are no bonus features in this title but we think this is accounted for with the nature of the layout.


A big 10 reels makes for so many ways to win that you can sometimes line up two or three combinations in one spin which, of course, has it’s benefits.


In conclusion, this a mighty fine online slot game that does justice to the rather wonderful theme that is.

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