selfieI don’t know about you, but I count myself among the thousands of California college students whose summer vacation has yet to begin. That said, today marked one of the busiest, most stressful days of the semester.

I got roughly an hour of sleep, cranked out two final projects, and took my car to the local Pep Boys. Safe to say, it’s time for some unwinding.

Thus, I sit here calmly sipping a Lagunitas limited release ale, listening to Dubbel Dutch’s dancehall fusion mix. And I must say, it perfectly compliments not only the egregious amount of hops swirly around in my craft brew, but the overarching necessity for relaxation.

It’s no secret that FADER Magazine is a staple of contemporary youth culture, especially music. If you’re not familiar with it, you’ve got some catching up to do.

dubbeldutch_Dubbel Dutch, however, is a much lesser known entity (ZOMG can’t you tell I’ve been putting my creative writing juices to use all day?!).

The Brooklyn artist has been described as “An accomplished producer of cosmic tone poems and club anthems from the abyss”.

His Caribbean-influenced mix a perfect example of one such “tone poem”. Packed with poppy dancehall tracks and stanzas of Jamaican pidgin, Dubbel Dutch establishes himself as a master of aestheticism, remaining loyal to the island jam #vibezz throughout.

Again, this mix is perfect for maxin’ and relaxin’. Throw some of this rudeboy flava on after a hard days work and you’ll be feeling like a Rasta in no time.


(TurtleTip: Be sure to snag the free download. Jah would want you to have it.)

Peace be unto you fools. Stay irie and PLURsty and shit. <3

Dubbel Dutch Soundcloud

By Quinn

If Quinn "TurtleGravy" Tucker is one thing, he is many things. Not only is he a multimedia contributor for JNTM, but he is also an esteemed people watcher, hacky sacker, and festival frequenter among his peers and colleagues. You can catch the TurtleMeister munching on some vegan Thai food near the Santa Monica Pier or snapping pics of passersby at Venice Beach on his days off. And one more thing: don't forget to tune in to TurtleGravy Tuesdays each week!