TurtleGravy Tuesday: Falcons – SHOOP x Cloud Castle Radio Mix #1

Welcome back to your weekly update on the latest underground dance music mixes. TurtleGravy here, presenting you with a bass-heavy selection from JNTM favorite, Falcons.

The mix was released for Spanish futurewear brand SHOOP Clothing in conjunction with Cloud Castle Radio. Self-constructed trap heaters, obscure Jersey club remixes, Promnite R&B cuts—you name it, Falcons has it.falconss

Keep an ear out for remixes from a multitude of big names in the rising bass scene. STWODJ HoodboiGANZ, and Falcons himself all contribute reworks, each flip vastly different from all the others.

Play this mix for all your hypebeast friends when they come to your Spring/Summer collection release party. It’ll make them feel right at home. Maybe they’ll even do a spontaneous runway show for you because that’s how #swag this mix is.fashion

(TurtleTip: Develop your own style, live a little. Pyrex only looks good on so many dudes all at once.)

Next week I’ll try to come up with some more relatable funnies. Leave a comment, should I switch back over to Bieber jokes? Or is that soooo January?? Idk…


Check out more of Falcon’s ill beats and stuff on his Soundcloud.

By Quinn

If Quinn "TurtleGravy" Tucker is one thing, he is many things. Not only is he a multimedia contributor for JNTM, but he is also an esteemed people watcher, hacky sacker, and festival frequenter among his peers and colleagues. You can catch the TurtleMeister munching on some vegan Thai food near the Santa Monica Pier or snapping pics of passersby at Venice Beach on his days off. And one more thing: don't forget to tune in to TurtleGravy Tuesdays each week!