Why Students Prefer NYU Dorms to Off-Campus Housing?

Photo by NYU.edu

Housing is one reason why NYU is now reporting annual costs totalling over $70, 000. These profits indicate that on-campus accommodation experiences high demands from students. Therefore, it is evident that students prefer to live on campus instead of incurring the expenses involved when trying to budget for off-campus housing. These halls of residence are provided to students at affordable fees, which help them save parts of their loans from the education ministry. When living in these hostels, the students get to develop closer relationships with their schoolmates since it encourages communal living. These friendships then spur the learners throughout their lives. The NYU dorms are also equipped with dining services, which save the students the stress of cooking and buying food. These expenses and others, such as electricity and water bills are eliminated, hence making it easier for students to enjoy their campus experiences. Below are some of the reasons why NYU students should live on campus.

Students get the Freedom to Choose the Types of Dorms they prefer

The school administration and the departments responsible for student welfare provide students with options depending on what they can afford. It comes with the freedom to remain flexible without having to restrain finances, unlike when renting a place outside the campus. NYU dormsĀ have been designed in a way that some halls accommodate students who prefer to live in one-bedrooms and others in the shared bedrooms of up to six individuals. The houses that accommodate six people are cheaper. Many students in the university prefer to rent them, especially the freshmen. Freedom enables scholars who come from poor backgrounds to afford the rent and still complete their school fees on time.

Additional Services that Students Enjoy When Living in the Hostels

As one of the best universities in New York City, NYU provides the best services to their students, and campus housing is not an exception. Life in the city is difficult and expensive. Therefore, most students fail to afford the meals offered in prestigious restaurants in the city. So, the university has included food as part of the rent paid when students check-in at the NYU dorms.

Another additional service is free WiFi. Students need to do a lot of research when they join campus, and this can be costly. Because of the high costs, New York University has installed reliable network connections in all the halls of residence to enable their scholars to complete their assignments with ease. They can perform their studies at the comfort of their beds without having to go to the libraries.

How do Students who live in NYU Hostels Benefit from On-Campus Experience?

Besides, living on campus rewards students with the gift of a community where they can learn about different cultures from their friends. It also makes them feel like they are not lonely. Therefore, residing at NYU gives students the chance to learn how to achieve personal growth through their interactions. With this, they get to participate in outreach programs and also venture into pursuing campus leadership.