9 Engaging Hobbies You Didn’t Think About in Your Early 20’s

There is no age limit for a hobby. It is possible to decorate life with some exciting activities, bringing joy and meaning into it. Moreover, it will increase the desire to live and create. Even though a person can belong to the oldest generation, it is still possible to find a suitable hobby.

Choosing a proper free time activity is always an individual process, which depends on the interests and inclinations of a person. For some people, gardening becomes the best activity for the soul, and others are keen on fishing or knitting. However, there are also more universal things to do that are accessible to everyone and bring lots of pleasure and benefits.

Books and art

Reading books, especially classical literature, raises the intellectual and spiritual level of a person. A man of mature age, who already has a wealth of life experience, reveals even familiar works in a new way. Moreover, the additional benefits of reading are memory improving and the prevention of senile dementia.

Familiarity with literary masterpieces is a hobby available to every retiree. Even poor eyesight is not an obstacle for reading because there are many audiobooks today.

It is also possible to raise the cultural level by visiting philharmonic societies, conservatories, various exhibitions, theatrical performances, etc. Such hobbies and cultural leisure activities not only bring pleasure but also involve older people in public life.

Intellectual hobbies

The best intellectual hobbies are:

  • puzzles solving
  • crosswords
  • sudoku
  • poems memorizing

They are a great way to preserve memory, clarity, and speed of thinking. Chess, dominoes or poker are even more useful because they require a companion for the game.

Nowadays, it is vital to have computer literacy, at least at the user level. If a person has not had the opportunity to study a computer and the Internet, it is not too late to do it after retirement. Moreover, it is better not to be limited only to information search and social networking, but also to learn and work in various programs. Graphics editors can help to make high-quality photos. It will help a person to surprise his or her family. This is not only an exciting hobby but also an occupation that provides many new opportunities for the person.

Telling about life experience

Writing itself is a good idea to spend free time productively. Descriptive essay writing improves creative thinking. Moreover, it can become a real passion. Many people find their talents in imaging of life stories when they become old because they have a tremendous amount of experience to tell about. Therefore, descriptive essay examples should be studied to make even draft papers look like professional and polished texts. This is even something you can expand on and use Google Adwords agencies to help your content get noticed.

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Walking and traveling

Walking in the fresh air is also a good option because it allows a person to keep his or her body in shape, to admire the beauty of nature, and to take photos. A journey is a long-term option of walking. This kind of hobby is trendy for older people. Due to the fact that there is no rush for work or study, the boundaries of the opportunities provided are expanding because the amount of time to inspect a particular landmark or territory is unlimited.

Working with wood

This type of creative activity is accessible to male people. Owning some knowledge and practical skills, you can create and decorate furniture. In addition to the visual result, which will please the eye for many years, the process of woodworking is also essential. It has a calming effect and trains motor skills and attentiveness.

In the case of absence of all necessary tools and space for woodworking, it is possible to choose a different version of this hobby – wood carving. A special knife and small softwood bars are only needed for this kind of hobby. Wood carving also perfectly soothes the nerves.


Fishing is an excellent leisure option for everyone who wants to “run away” from noise and ruminate about something profound. A lake is the best place for such activities because no one violates peace there. Besides, this activity entirely removes the nervous strain.


It is an excellent activity because the flowers are soothing, they decorate the city apartment, bringing brightness and color to it. Moreover, if there is an opportunity to plant flowers on the garden plot, it is doubly useful because it will allow a person to work on the street.


Every woman can choose something for herself. It can be crocheting or socks knitting. All this is a matter of fantasy. This hobby has a positive effect on motor skills and improves mood.


No one is too old to try LARP, or live-action role playing. Whether you are in your 30s or about to hit retirement age, you are welcome to join this interactive world of make-believe. Costumes, games, and some acting chops dominate LARPing. If you don’t believe us or know next to nothing about the art form, here’s a quick guide to LARP dedicated to beginners, like you.

For some people, the life of a retired person seems to be very dull and uninteresting. However, there is a considerable amount of free hobbies for older people that can bring a lot of positive emotions. The main point is that it is essential for an older adult to have a goal, and hobby is the best for this. Also, it is vital to alternate these hobbies sometimes. The best rest is a change of activity.

About the Author:

Jilian Woods is a freelance journalist and a contributing writer having more than two years of writing experience. She sees her purpose in producing and sharing relevant content with people who are willing to expand their knowledge base and learn something new for themselves. Apart from her day job, you may find Jilian engaged in volunteering or doing yoga.


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