Hump day. It’s the day that’s just close enough to Monday that you can’t yet see the light near the end of the tunnel, but just close enough to get a scent of Friday’s sexy ass. Wednesday is the weekly equivalent of that 1 p.m. feeling you get at work, when you know you’re closer to going home, but you still have to keep your pants on for four more hours. UGH. (This is the second post in a row that I’ve referenced taking off pants — this will be a theme)

But fret not, mine lovers of music. I’ve built a playlist that will help lift your spirits and quell your mid-week sorrows. So dry your eyes, stop playing flappy bird in the bathroom and get down to this mix I put together. It’s something I’ll do weekly. It’s my favorite tracks from Soundcloud that have been on my stream in the past week.

There’s no rhyme or reason to what’s on this list. I just added my favorite shit from the past week from the accounts I follow on Soundcloud. Hopefully your taste is similar to mine and you can jam at your stupid desk as hard as I am right now.

This week we’ve got a Fugees remix, some Lana, lots of delicious trap, a Showtek jam in celebration of their 1 million Facebook fans, a Bro Safari remix of MIA’s YALA that is just scrumptious and some other shit. Let me know if you like it, and I guess you can let me know if you don’t like it, too.

This is Big Rich’s Muhfuggin Mid-Week Mix.