Fridays are for FƱcking: Episode 1

It’s been a long, hard week of work and there is only one thing to do to relax. Now, I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m talking about… Read more

Big Rich’s Muhfuggin Mid-Week Mix Vol. ...

THE THIRD EDITION OF MY MUHFUGGIN MID-WEEK MIX IS HERE. Here we are again. Wednesday. That teasing little bitch. I woke up late on this Wednesday, as I do on… Read more

Big Rich’s Muhfuggin Mid-Week Mix Vol. ...

Omg it’s here again — Big Rich’s Muhfuggin Mid-Week Mix. I know last week you were all probably incredibly sad that I didn’t post something. Well I’m sorry. My life… Read more

Big Rich’s Muhfuggin Mid-Week Mix

Hump day. It’s the day that’s just close enough to Monday that you can’t yet see the light near the end of the tunnel, but just close enough to get… Read more

best mixes to listen to while working

Best Mixes to Listen to While You Work

I recently stumbled upon an article from The Next Web called, “Listen while you work: What music does to your brain.” In the article, Mikael Cho, co-founder of ooomf, discusses… Read more


Top Trap Producers: 2013 Recap

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Top 5 Australian Producers

Australia has been churning out international EDM acts for ages, but this past year has seen a new style of dance music birthed from the “land down under”.  This list… Read more

Top 5 Live Acts of 2013

Top 5 Live Sets of 2013

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Top 5 Artists to Watch for in 2014

2013 has been a pretty incredible year for the electronic music scene. New genres have emerged, songs have been turned into memes, and it seems like every festival is just… Read more

Top 5: WTF Rappers

1. Joaquin Phoenix The multi Academy Award nominee and one time Golden Globe winner for Best Actor, Joaquin Phoenix put his acting roots aside in 2010 in hopes of becoming… Read more