Breakbot vs Bruno Mars

Breakbot vs Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has been seeing some pretty decent success with the release of his second album, Unorthodox Jukebox. His single “Locked Out of Heaven” hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the Canadian and US Pop Songs chart. “When I Was Your Man” also hit number upon release and allowed Mars to stay relevant and continue to release more singles from this new album.

His most recent single from the new album, “Treasure,” has also seen some early success upon it’s release and shows Mars’ appreciation for funkier side of things. The song, however, seems eerily similar to a probably lesser-known producer/dj’s work.

French producer Breakbot, who was made famous with his remix of Justice’s “Let There Be Light,” is known for his funky style of spinning and sampling and has been recording under Ed Banger Records since May 2009. In America, Breakbot hasn’t made too much of a name for himself. He’s had multiple appearances at HARD and Coachella, but has only been the supporting act on a few tours throughout the states.

His song, “Baby I’m Yours,” which was released as a single in 2011 and also appears on his 2012 album By Your Side, shares almost the exact same music qualities as Bruno Mars’ “Treasure.” Listen below:

Bruno Mars — “Treasure” 

Breakbot — “Baby I’m Yours”

“Treasure” vs. “Baby I’m Yours”

Right?! You better believe Breakbot noticed. He posted on his twitter saying:

Breakbot vs Burno Mars

Breakbot vs. Bruno Mars

Breakbot was also quoted saying:

“To those who think that it’s just a coincidence, or that “we are both inspired by the same artists”, let me just tell you that Bruno asked my label if he could cover “Baby I’m yours” a few months ago and we said no. Then he recorded “treasure”. To be perfectly honest, I’m not mad at all, if anything I am rather flattered that someone selling millions of mp3s is interested in my music.”

After reading that quote, it has to be hard for anyone to actually believe this wasn’t a TOTAL rip-off of Breakbot. It seems as though Bruno Mars, after finding out he couldn’t just take the song to make his own, decided to write an extremely similar sounding song. This is normally the part of the article where we promote both artists and their albums and where to purchase them, but this time it makes more sense to only promote one:

For more Breakbot check out his soundcloud or find him on Beatport

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