How CBD Can Help You Stop Smoking

Countless people around the world hope to kick the habit of smoking, and while nicotine gums and patches promise relief, those who have tried these products know just how ineffective they are. What’s more, there’s no denying how challenging it can be to give up the habit without experiencing any of the overwhelming symptoms of withdrawal.


However, new research suggests that CBD oil shows impressive capabilities in helping smokers finally kick the habit. When searching for a CBD oil product of high quality, you can click here to assess a list of the best products. If you are hoping to curb the smelly habit with CBD oil, here’s how the plant extract can help.


Reduces Stress Caused By Cravings

During a 2013 study, roughly 20 participants were given either a CBD inhaler or a placebo inhaler. The participants were then told to smoke the inhalant whenever the craving to smoke a cigarette kicked in. The participants that were given the CBD inhalant recorded smoking roughly 40% fewer cigarettes by the end of the study while the others recorded no difference. This is due to the stress-relieving benefits of CBD. Most smokers agree that smoking is a means of curbing stress, and unfortunately, not smoking a cigarette tends to enhance the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. Therefore, CBD oil can minimize stress levels, which essentially helps to curb cravings.


Minimize Habitual Triggers

Smoking cigarettes goes beyond the emotional factors as our brains naturally desire to create links and form habits. More often than not, when a smoker has given up cigarettes, the first few days are challenging as the first coffee or meal of the day sparks the desire for a cigarette. This is because the brain has created a link between actions.


Even though CBD can be used in any form to curb a smoking addiction, opting for an inhalant is a wise decision as smokers would essentially be able to switch a cigarette for a healthier alternative that is non-addictive. Therefore, the cellular memory aspect of smoking will not cause emotional turmoil.


Nicotine Withdrawal Assistance

Nicotine triggers the production of serotonin, which is responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being. Giving up cigarettes means serotonin levels will plummet and ex-smokers often experience circumstantial depression, anxiety, and increased stress levels. However, by opting for CBD oil as a crutch to help you cope through the process of kicking the habit, this may not be a relevant factor. CBD oil is often used to treat depression and anxiety as it can trigger receptors in the brain that will spark the production of serotonin. Therefore, CBD oil can elevate your mood significantly.


The Many Other Benefits

CBD oil is fast becoming a staple in our medicine cabinets as it can provide a lengthy list of health benefits. While reducing inflammation and treating skin conditions may be among the more well-known benefits, many consumers use CBD oil regularly to boost general health. While there is no denying the science-backed benefits of this plant extract, it is always best to opt for a high-quality formulation to give your body the best.

By Sam

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