Kill The Zo Tour Announcement

Kill The Zo Tour Announcement

Mat Zo and Kill The Noise are coming together for 11 collaboration tour dates across the United States, including Toronto. This huge announcement is extremely exciting with all the possible vibes and sounds these two are capable of making. You can check out the “Kill The Zo” site by clicking here. Although we have posted all the tour dates down below.

Tickets are set to release on the 21st of March via Ticketmaster, so be sure to grab yours early!

Tour Dates:

May 8th: San Francisco, CA

May 9th: Vancouver

May 10th: Edmonton

May 16th: Detroit, MI

May 17th: Los Angeles, CA

May 22nd: Houston, TX

May 23rd: Miami, FL

May 24th: Toronto

May 29th: Denver, CO

May 30th: Montreal

May 31st: Washington DC

Kill The Zo Tour Announcement

By Raffi