Phuture Doom at HARD Day of the Dead Review

Remember your metal phase? Sure you do, it’s why you cover your photo on your driver’s license when you have to show it to somebody, it’s why there’s a box of black shirts that say “Black Dahlia Murder” in your mom’s closet.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably grown out of your society-hating, “I think-I’m-gonna-die-my-hair-black“ phase, and moved on to music that isn’t about murder, dragons, and murdering dragons.  You don’t need metal anymore.  It’s not you, metal, it’s us.

Problem is, Detroit-based electronic-metal group Phuture Doom refuses to take that lying down.

Phuture Doom is the embodiment of all the best parts of your old metal phase; their intense, rage-face inducing double bass rhythms, deep, gritty guitar riffs, and head-banging breakdowns bring you right back to your friend’s mom’s basement.  In a good way.

Their recent performance at HARD Day of the Dead was their first ever live performance, and as we’ve been following the mysteriously eerie trio for a bit, we were excited to see just what Phuture Doom is all about.

I saw a drum kit.  Guitars.  No one knew quite what to expect.  The guy next to me leaned over and belted “DUDE.  I heard that one of these dudes is Kill the Noise!”  At that point, the show hadn’t started and his yelling into my ear was pretty unjustified, and as I turned to give him a sarcastic “Oh really?”,three people (Guys? Girls? Who knows?) walked onto stage in black cloaks, and this happened:

So, iphone-quality video doesn’t quite do their performance justice, but believe me, it was awesome.  I think I even threw up the devil horns a couple times.

Seeing a live band playing alongside a DJ was one of the most fresh and exhilarating experiences; instead of a repetitive drum track, some nameless badass behind a kit ushered in the drops.  Instead of the “press play” type of sets that we’ve been growing accustom to, three live musicians tore it up for a crowd that was unjustifiably small.

Phuture Doom, as it seems, is on to something completely new.  Their perplexing visuals, genre-defying sound, and cryptic outfits are unlike anything we’re seen previously in the EDM scene, and, by the looks of the crowd after their 30-minute set, it seems like these guys are on their way to the top.

Phuture Doom is your metal phase grown up a bit, matured, and refined.  Hopefully, their originality in their sound will inspire other artists to follow suit.

In the meantime, Phuture Doom’s first (and self-titled) EP is out on OWSLA Records. Give it a listen, and, if you’re up for it, try to decode the crazy hieroglyphics all over their webpage.  We haven’t quite cracked it yet, but I’m sure there’s something awesome in there.

Phuture Doom: Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud

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By Zak

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