Sammy Bananas - Flexin' EP

Sammy Bananas - Flexin' EP

Fool’s Gold has been known to bring out some the most fresh, funky, and talented new acts. People like Sleep Tom, Oliver, and Danny Brown have all been turned into household names thanks to FG. What’s different about their newest star on the rise, Sammy Bananas, is that the Brooklyn-based producer has actually been around for the better part of five years.

Working with artists like Thee Mike B and putting out countless club-classic bootlegs, Sammy Bananas has no reason to be one of the lesser-known artists to come out of the prestigious label. But now, with the release of the Flexin’ EP, it might finally be time for Sammy Bananas to make his mark on the dance community.

Sammy Bananas – Felxin’ EP

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Here’s what Fool’s Gold had to say upon the release:

Sammy Bananas has been keeping Fool’s Gold funky since the label first began. Yet all his smash bootlegs, remixes and original jams (both as a solo artist and as one half of FG duos Fifteenth and Telephoned) were merely setting the stage for the brand new Flexin’ EP, a back-to-the-future blast of house, disco and R&B vibes blended together as only one Banana man can.

It’s a master class in party music from a scholar of New Jack Swing. And as if these hybrid jams weren’t fun enough on their own, the Flexin’ EP will also be available on limited-edition colored vinyl, complete with mustachioed “Mr. Flex” cutout figure for maximum DIY dance party action. Sammy Bananas is in the house, literally in your house. Time to flex.

The Flexin’ EP is packed with a collection of tracks rebranding the classic, Detroit-style, disco house genre, giving it a nostalgic feel with a touch of modern deep house vibe.  I personally think we’ll be hearing a lot of these songs in upcoming mixes and live performances, and I’ll even go out on a limb and say I expect to see a Sammy Bananas performance at some upcoming festivals this summer.

For more Sammy Bananas, check him out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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