Wildstylez Rips Off Deadmau5

Deadmau5, who is notoriously whiny with his tweets, is actually somewhat right in his rant today. Dutch Hardstyle DJ Wildstylez has pretty much blatantly ripped off one of Deadmau5′ biggest hits, “Some Chords.”

Wildestylez response? Apparently he heard a track called “Boogie 2nite” by Booty Luv.

Granted the Wildstylez version has a different break, the chords in the introduction are EXTREMELY similar and extremely noticeable to fans that only know some of Joel’s work.

I’m going to have to side with Deadmau5 on this one. I think that even if Wildstylez was going for the “Boogie 2nite” feel, he would have stopped himself after writing the intro synth line and thought, “hey, this sounds familiar.”

My guess is that the mau5 won’t press charges or anything like that, but instead will lash out via the internet. We’ll most likely hear some sort of song released within the next couple of hours or days that will poke fun at Wildstylez. Heck, I’d even bet that Deadmau5 tries to make the original “Some Chords” into a Hardstyle track himself.

Here’s, “Some Chords,” just for those who need reference:

Do you think this is a rip off? Or is Deadmau5 freaking out once again? Let us know! 


As expected, Deadmau5 took to the studio to come up with a Hardstyle track of his own. Take a look at the tweets he’s been sending out over the past hour:



We’ll be updating this story as it comes along! 



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