Introducing DJ Rich As Fuck

DJ Rich As Fuck

When it comes to producers and DJs on social media, Dillon Francis takes the cake. From his open relationship with Taco Bell to his hilarious “Drunk Cooking” series, Dillon has been able to keep his Gen Y audience in stitches.

Now, Dillon Francis has introduced his newest online persona to join the ranks of DJ Hanzel and Becky: DJ Rich As Fuck.

For the past day now, Dillon’s newest character has been flooding Twitter and Instagram with advice, calling out his haters, and listing off his collection of Apple products and phones.

 DJ Rich As Fuck on Twitter:



DF has always been a favorite of mine for this exact reason. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and always continues to put out some of the best tracks and live performances.

Is a possible DJ Rich As Fuck and DJ Hanzel collaboration in the works!?

For more on DJ Rich As Fuck, check out his Twitter here.

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